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I cried….



we go again


But we go again…..



Football - FA Premier League - Manchester City FC v Liverpool FC


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About Me and This Blog – more than a year ago

This blog is about my life.  The serious stuff that happens and everything else in between.  2011 was a hard year, one with many tough decisions and hard consequences.


The serious stuff will come from these experiences and hopefully a few people can relate with what I have been through.


The everything else in between will most probably always be my son, Cayleb and the stuff he gets up to and says.  Never a dull moment.


Sport will come up – especially football and Formula One.  Sport connects people in so many ways and it is something I love sharing with people.


And finally it will be about the good time I have with friends and family – this could be the most interesting part to read.


I hope you enjoy my life…and everything in between.  You can also follow me on Twitter – @samrobinson25.

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Things you may or may not know about me

  • I love sport – addicted actually.  When I get home the first channel that gets switched on is SuperSport Blitz
  • Although everyone has said I am a natural mother I sometimes doubt that being a mother is something I can do – easily at least

  • I am not the 100% perfect woman – I don’t like cooking and cleaning and doing the other things woman are meant to do.  This does not come naturally to me
  • I listen to music in my car way too loudly.  It needs to be volume 25 or over at all times

  • I am old school in that I love original books and CDs – I don’t mind a copied CD every now and then and I will buy a book for the Kindle but I like adding to my collection
  • I love reading

  • I doubt myself all the time.  I can never make a decision first time round.  Always think about it, change my mind, go back to the first decision, then the second…

  • I procrastinate badly.  I work better under pressure and will always wait till the last minute to do something
  • I love my time to myself where I don’t have to report to anyone and I can just be me

  • I like drinking.  It is the hardest thing for me to give up when I go on health and fitness phases

  • I hadn’t stepped foot into a gym until I signed up this year
  • I am very sensitive and look into every situation way too deeply
  • I swear a lot.

  • I kind of have a very dirty mind and it often gets me into trouble

That’s enough for now – need to remain somewhat of a mystery.

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