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I cried….



we go again


But we go again…..



Football - FA Premier League - Manchester City FC v Liverpool FC


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Wordless Wednesday – Liverpool Football Club

The football season kicks off on Saturday – I cannot contain the excitement anymore.

This Wordless Wednesday is dedicated to my team – LFC.


OMD – for the girls!!!


And for the boys

The LFC Supporters Club is growing here in Joburg and if you want to be part of the passion then check out their website here and sign up to follow it their blog.  Also follow them on Twitter and Facebook.  If you into the Superbru and Fantasy League thing join us in some healthy Liverpool competition.  The pool name for Superbru is South African EPL Supporters and the code for Fantasy League is 540595-139611 .

Here is to an amazing season and remember – You’ll Never Walk Alone

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My New CFC – LFC

This is by far the hardest blog I have had to write. It’s not about me or Cayleb or the divorce. It’s about sport and more specifically football.


So sport has been a huge part of my life for as long as I can remember. My brothers, dad and granddad are absolutely sport mad. Growing up, our Saturdays were spent watching EPL and Sundays F1 and EPL. I had the choice – sulk in my room because I can’t watch what I want to or enjoy it with them. I guess it’s kind of obvious which route I went.

Not many girls share the same passion for sport as I do. Lately I have found more and more sports-loving-girls but generally it’s a guy thing.  I often take flack for my love of sport. I get told that I only support a certain team because of the hot players and so on. It is like we cannot watch sport for the sport. I often shock the men when I start talking about sport and most of the time I find I know just as much as they do and even a little more.


As many people know I support Chelsea. The first reaction is, as mentioned above because the players are hot or because it is the team everyone supports, but let me explain. My brothers and dad are the most avid Liverpool supporters ever. And if you know me I normally decide to go against the norm which I did. So when asked why I support CFC this is what I say:

1.  My dad and brother’s support LFC and my granddad Arsenal. So I cannot do the same. Good enough reason? I doubt.

2. I really loved the coach\player Ruud Gullit at the time. He was too cool for my ten year old brain to comprehend. Good enough reason – I think so.

3. And finally I liked the colour blue. Good enough reason? Definitely not!!

But I have supported them for as long as I can remember.




And now the hard part comes….


Recently, for the past year or so, I have had this deep, deep, very deep shift. I have tried to ignore it but more and more it has come to the surface. My blood is red! My heart is with the Liverpool. At first I tried to ignore it but eventually I just couldn’t. When LFC went through that really bad stage (like bottom of the EPL table stage) my heart hurt more for them than when CFC lost and they were the top of the table. I love John Terry but when I see Steven Gerrard I just can’t help but get weak at the knees.  And not only because he is hot but because he is so damn talented.

And when I see the LFC fans, all in red, singing You Will Never Walk Alone I get goose bumps and honestly a lump in my throat (I have tears in my eyes as I type this – weird I know). I don’t get that from CFC. I always want LFC to win – always!! I don’t have that rivalry thing where they must lose because when they do it hurts. Even when they play CFC and they win I am, deep down, happy for them. Never angry or bitter.  A big tipping point was all the LFC fans I have made friends with recently. I connect with them on such a deep level; I can talk to them more about LFC than I can about CFC to my friends who are fans. I just don’t feel it with the CFC peeps as I do with the LFC. I even got the following as a Follow Friday on Twitter from @tequilapunk not so long ago – #FF The winner of the Most Confused Football Chop on my TL Award goes to @samrobinson25 is she a Blue or is she a Red.”    My first visit to Slam was the final nail in the head. That passion and support and love – all for a football club. I just felt part of it. Like I belonged. I am even seen as a LFC supporter. The week after the previous FF I got this one from @saleshs – #FF @LiverpoolRSA @derekm11 @Anfield_Talk @koolkamal @tweetingred @samrobinson25 @Linda_Pizzuti @irishscouserlfc #LFC #RedsKnowBest

I cannot ignore my heart. That’s where it is my heart. Not anywhere else. Deep in my soul. My blood is red and not in the obvious way. It is Liverpool red.

So what makes this so hard? The complete and utter flack I will get from both sets of supporters. Why the move? You are not truly a supporter of both. You never were. You never will be. You only a girl what do you know. But think about this: I am not leaving to go to LFC because they are all of a sudden the best team. (While doing the first draft they lost to Bolton). I am also not leaving CFC cause suddenly they not performing. They have had a really good past few years although frustrating that it couldn’t be better. In essence I am downgrading. And why would a person do this – because they really really feel they need to.

I am willing to deal with the hard times. The sometimes frustrating draws and losses and sometimes a complete thrashing. I am willing to deal with the non-performance of Carrol or Adam and the fact that Torres belongs with LFC as well as the frustration that Gerrard can’t be 100% fit. But with this comes the smile on King Kenny Dalglish’s face when they score and win – he cried when they got through to the Carling Cup final – need I say more? Hearing them sing you will never walk alone. Yes it will take some time to adjust but give me some time and I will be 100% Red!!












So on that note. Goodbye blue – hello red. Goodbye Terry – hello Gerrard. Good bye Stamford Bridge – hello Anfield. Good bye (what is Chelsea’s song???) – Hello You will never walk alone.

LFC – with them I will never walk alone!!!


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