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Sunday: the last day of the weekend, the day you finally feel rested, the day to watch good football and Carte Blanche!


Sunday, over the past few weeks has been the day I cry. And for no logical reason. A few Sundays ago, I needed a five minute break before watching Lucifer to go cry in the bathroom, the Sunday after this I cried because Cayleb wasn’t with me for the WHOLE daycry 2 and last Sunday I cried because of the Dial Direct advert, The Voice and the farmers on Carte Blanche. It has become a norm in our home and Mitch has his way of dealing with it (he goes to the lounge and smokes).


At first I thought I was pregnant. I am not (Phew!!) Then I thought it was PMS and hormones and it probably was. But it took three weeks, a lot of tears and sleep to realize that it is the anxiety of the week ahead that is building up in me. And the only way it knows how to come out is tears.


The start of 2016 has been tough but I didn’t realize how much I am letting it get to me. So I have started preparing for Sundays and ultimately Mondays:

  • I, 100%, familiarize myself with my week ahead on the Friday
  • I make sure the weekend is relaxing as possible
  • I enjoy every moment with Cayleb and Mitch so I can eliminate any guilt immediately
  • I prep for the week in terms of lunches/dinners/homework
  • Shower and get hair done on the Sunday night so Monday mornings are easy




These are small things but they make a big difference in setting the tone for the week. I keep learning new tricks to help the process.  Please let me know if you have any to share…


So it is Sunday as I write this and it is nearly 18h00 so how has today been?   Pretty good I would say. I haven’t cried yet.


However I am not saying it will not happen because if Liverpool win the Capital One Cup tonight then I know I will cry but for the right reasons.


sunday 2

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About Me and This Blog – more than a year ago

This blog is about my life.  The serious stuff that happens and everything else in between.  2011 was a hard year, one with many tough decisions and hard consequences.


The serious stuff will come from these experiences and hopefully a few people can relate with what I have been through.


The everything else in between will most probably always be my son, Cayleb and the stuff he gets up to and says.  Never a dull moment.


Sport will come up – especially football and Formula One.  Sport connects people in so many ways and it is something I love sharing with people.


And finally it will be about the good time I have with friends and family – this could be the most interesting part to read.


I hope you enjoy my life…and everything in between.  You can also follow me on Twitter – @samrobinson25.

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Happiness. Part 01

Being happy is defined as feeling or showing pleasure and contentment.  But this doesn’t come close to how I would describe the happiness Cayleb gives me.  It’s more like that feeling of when your heart is going to explode because it is filled with too much happiness and love.




It is that feeling when Cayleb gives me that big tooth-less smile.  When he chats away about his day.  When he forgets to eat because he is so engrossed with Disney Junior and even more so, that small smile when something on the TV fascinates him.  It is when out of the blue, he tells me that he loves me and when he stops everything to give me a big hug and kiss.   It is his maturity to handle very difficult situations that makes me believe he has on old soul.  It is his side-eye grin when he knows he is being cheeky.  It is everything about him.


It is important that he knows that we feel this about him so I started a nighttime ritual before we say goodnight.  I say to him: “You are special, you are handsome, you are clever and Mommy and Mitch love you very much.”  Just tonight he started his own to me, he says: “You are special, you are beautiful, you are clever and I love you very much AND Mommy and Mitch love me very much.”







This is why my heart explodes every day, hour and minute with love for my beautiful, amazing son.


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