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Sunday: the last day of the weekend, the day you finally feel rested, the day to watch good football and Carte Blanche!


Sunday, over the past few weeks has been the day I cry. And for no logical reason. A few Sundays ago, I needed a five minute break before watching Lucifer to go cry in the bathroom, the Sunday after this I cried because Cayleb wasn’t with me for the WHOLE daycry 2 and last Sunday I cried because of the Dial Direct advert, The Voice and the farmers on Carte Blanche. It has become a norm in our home and Mitch has his way of dealing with it (he goes to the lounge and smokes).


At first I thought I was pregnant. I am not (Phew!!) Then I thought it was PMS and hormones and it probably was. But it took three weeks, a lot of tears and sleep to realize that it is the anxiety of the week ahead that is building up in me. And the only way it knows how to come out is tears.


The start of 2016 has been tough but I didn’t realize how much I am letting it get to me. So I have started preparing for Sundays and ultimately Mondays:

  • I, 100%, familiarize myself with my week ahead on the Friday
  • I make sure the weekend is relaxing as possible
  • I enjoy every moment with Cayleb and Mitch so I can eliminate any guilt immediately
  • I prep for the week in terms of lunches/dinners/homework
  • Shower and get hair done on the Sunday night so Monday mornings are easy




These are small things but they make a big difference in setting the tone for the week. I keep learning new tricks to help the process.  Please let me know if you have any to share…


So it is Sunday as I write this and it is nearly 18h00 so how has today been?   Pretty good I would say. I haven’t cried yet.


However I am not saying it will not happen because if Liverpool win the Capital One Cup tonight then I know I will cry but for the right reasons.


sunday 2

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Here I go again….

go again

I published my first blog post on the 3rd of January 2012 and the blogging bug really hit after this. As it goes in my life (and I will write about this a lot more so you will soon understand), I went off the blogging for a bit and then started and then stopped and so it has continued.

As I type this I am not 100% sure how many more there will be but I am going to try. This year we are all about establishing new habits (that will be another blog post to come soon). So maybe this can be one of those new habits.

So please watch this space….

go haits

Balance? What is that?



I often ask myself about balance – why is it so important, how do you get it and how do you maintain it?

I often put too much focus on one area of my life and put the other ares on hold.  I tend to live with an all or nothing attitude.  All the focus on one thing and nothing on the rest.  But yet again I have been faced with the importance of finding just the right balance between all the things I want in life.

For the past month or so I have thrown myself into work. Not necessarily because I have wanted to but because I needed to. As a result other parts of my life were neglected and the people close to me started suffering. Although work is important there comes a time where you need to say enough is enough and I am at that point now.

There will come a time where work will be stressful and the balance will shift to this and away from other stuff. But it needs to happen less frequently in my life. I have learnt the importance of making an effort to pack up at 17h00, not work at night and to stop using the excuse “I’m too busy”. This means I get to enjoy doing things I want to do in my spare time. Like watching series, reading, blogging, going to gym and of course spending time with the two important boys in my life.

I wish consistent balance was as easy as turning on a switch but unfortunately it is something that always needs to be worked at. I know there are many people out there that fight this same battle. Maybe we can spend more time working on the balance together than bitching about the imbalance and its cause. Something to think about….



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