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Here I go again….

go again

I published my first blog post on the 3rd of January 2012 and the blogging bug really hit after this. As it goes in my life (and I will write about this a lot more so you will soon understand), I went off the blogging for a bit and then started and then stopped and so it has continued.

As I type this I am not 100% sure how many more there will be but I am going to try. This year we are all about establishing new habits (that will be another blog post to come soon). So maybe this can be one of those new habits.

So please watch this space….

go haits


Love: Hate Relationship

I have a love: hate relationship with my blog.  I love writing blog posts, they make me feel so good and I have received so much from the readers of this blog.  But then I struggle to keep it up and fade away and then I feel guilty.  And then I come back and so the cycle continues.


Well…. I am back. 

This time round I am hoping to keep doing what I started this for.  To write about the serious stuff (Life) and the not so serious stuff (Everything in between).  I hope to, yet again, connect with people who know what I am going through so I can help them and they can help me.

So what can you expect:

  • The serious stuff is still the same:  my relationship with my ex and my divorce, myself and my insecurities, Cayleb, work, my current relationship and just life
  • The fun stuff:
    • Mitch and I have committed to doing more of the fun stuff vs the complacent stuff so you will hear about it
    • What I have just named “Caylebisms” – because apparently it is best to write all these down because we will forget them
    • Book reviews (my other love: hate relationship)
    • The shit we talk about at work and there is a LOT
    • And life, but the fun side of it

Combined with this is the need to read more relevant blogs – blogs that will teach me life lessons and help me with what I am going through.  If you know of any, please let me know.

Till next time…….

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About me and this blog – now!

It has been two years since I started this blog.  A lot has changed since the 3rd of January when I posted my first blog post.


I started this blog a few months after I decided I needed to get divorced.   I hoped that by blogging about my experience it would help me through it as well as connect with other people in similar situations.  I do believe that it did.  And it also helped people get to know me better.


Like I have changed, this blog needed a changed.  I changed the format and layout.  It moved from darker/grey colour to a lighter colour.  A change I feel within myself as well.


I have also updated the “About me Section”.  Here is what it was when I started this blog and this is what it is now.


I am wondering if I should keep the “Things that Inspire me” page?


Lately I have been struggling to blog although there are a lot of other hard life lessons I have learnt.  Lessons I know I can share with people.  Lessons I know people can relate to which will help me in my healing processes.


I am going to try and share these so watch this space.



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